Upstate Refractory Services is also your best source for Ceramic Fiber Modules and Fabricated Board Shapes.

 Standard size modules are routinely stocked and supplied in all temperature ratings from 2200°F to 3000°F. Custom designed modules are also available in all temperature ranges, a variety of installation systems, and virtually unlimited sizes. Our staff will work with you on a design that minimizes your installation time and effort to get your equipment on line as soon as possible. Please contact us so that we can help you.

When it comes to Ceramic Fiber Board Shapes, Upstate Refractory Services can help solve problems that many of our competitors can’t. Our experienced staff can design custom shapes that outperform conventional methods, and are easier to install, with short lead times. CNC machined components assure a perfect fit, repeatability and consistent quality. Our products include custom burner tiles, baffle assemblies, tubes, ducts, and plugs. Let Upstate Refractory Services show you how this technology can improve your process, minimize downtime, and save energy.