Combustion, Controls Upgrates & Retrofits

There are times when an existing furnace fits all of a customer’s current needs -except maybe the combustion system is older and inefficient, or the controls are outdated and/or no longer meet your standards. This is where Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. can really be of service. Our project engineers review your existing system, your operating requirements and desires, then in turn take this information to develop a proposal to bring your furnace combustion and control system up to today’s standards. This can be an extremely cost-effective solution which in essence saves time and money over the cost of replacing your existing equipment. We can perform turn-key solutions and prefabricate all items possible to minimize our time on site so your furnace can get back to work sooner. We also have the ability to provide spare parts and components to make your in-house maintenance easier.

If your furnace needs a combustion upgrade or retrofit Upstate Refractory can repair or replace your existing system and improve the performance and efficiency of your furnace.

Our engineers can repair or tune-up your existing system, or replace it entirely with a new and more efficient system.

We use a wide range of components and controls to suit your needs and can integrate technologies such as atmosphere control and pulse firing.

Combustion Equipment

Upstate Refractory can supply you with a wide range of combustion parts and equipment. We carry products from many manufacturers and can help you choose the right burner or burner block as well as controllers, thermocouples, control motors, valves and regulators.