Refractory Repairs
If your equipment can be transported, we can utilize our highly trained staff to send it back looking and performing like new without the need for disruption of your production areas by work crews, dust and other distractions. This service is especially useful for foundry ladles, small melt furnaces, small forge furnaces, covers, launders, and furnace doors. Our capabilities include steel repairs, refractory installation, dryout services, and logistics to pickup and deliver your piece of equipment on time and cost effectively.

Custom Mfg & Fab Parts
Our team can take care of your project from concept to completion in a reliable and professional manner. When your equipment arrives at our facility we will remove and properly dispose of the existing lining, perform steel and other structural repairs or modifications required, install your new lining, dry out, paint and deliver to your facility ready to go back to work for you.

Precast Refractory Shapes
If your equipment is beyond feasible repair, our experienced team is able to replace it with a new piece of equipment that functions as good as, or better than when new. Improvements that will allow for better use by your company such as combustion and control upgrades, and use of the latest materials will give you the opportunity to improve your process, increase efficiency, increase reliability, and minimize downtown. 

Ceramic Fiber Doors and Panels
Our inhouse capabilities also include designing, fabricating, and lining new furnace doors; and new ceramic fiber panel roof and wall systems for use by our customers. Our stack bonded fiber systems have fewer joints, and are manufactured to exacting standards.  The panels will be fabricated in our facility, delivered to your plant and installed quickly to minimize down time, save energy, and improve operations