At Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. we believe that we owe it to our employees, our customers, the community and our families to provide a safe work environment at all times.  

Employee Group Photo on Safety Day, November 2016

Employee Group Photo on Safety Day, November 2016

We accomplish this through training from external and internal sources, safety policies and programs, documentation, and follow up.  We regularly evaluate our focus and make changes and improvements to our programs and procedures.

To make sure that our core beliefs are communicated throughout our workforce, we do the following:

  • Weekly Safety Meetings at our shop and every job site.
  • Annual “Safety Update Day” where all employees are brought together and our safety procedures are reviewed in depth in an interactive method.  At this time we also perform medical testing on site for respirator fit testing, pulmonary function testing and hearing evaluations.  We also at this time have outside speakers, videos, and presentations to focus on key areas to make sure that we communicate and reinforce our focus on a safe work environment.
  • Regular Safety Audits of shop departments and job sites to train our employees on taking a proactive approach to working in a safe manner at all times.
  • Upstate Refractories is a member of the National Safety Council, which we use as a resource for updated safety information, policy development and current regulations to use in keeping our policies and procedures current.
  • Pre-employment drug testing, and a random testing policy.
  • Alcohol and Drug Policy for all employees
  • Background testing

Our Employees receive safety training on an ongoing basis.  Our written safety program includes the following:

  • New Employee Orientation, which is required for all new employees prior to setting foot on our shop floor or our customer’s facility.
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. Corporate Safety Policy
  • Hazard Communications Program
  • Lockout/Tagout/Hazard Assessment Program
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program
  • Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor Program
  • Understanding SDS
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Program
  • Understanding Heat Stroke
  • Symptoms of a Stroke
  • Air Monitoring Training
  • Proper Handling of Refractory Ceramic Fiber
  • RCF Program
  • Confined Space Training
  • Ladder Safety Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Hot Work Permit Program
  • Accident, Incident, and Near Miss Program
  • Lift Truck, Scissor Lift, and Aerial Training
  • Hand and Portable Power Tool Training

In addition to the above, Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. is registered with the following Organizations:

  • National Safety Council, a national company which provides companies with education, training and other safety related services to assist companies like Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. in ensuring compliance with current regulations.
  • PICS Auditing, which is a recognized third party company that provides verification and screening of Contractor’s safety programs and credentials
  • Purchasing Services Co., which is another company who provides the same verification and screening for one of the world’s largest aluminum companies.
  • BROWZ, a third party safety auditing company that screens contractors for several large companies.