Let’s face it, refractory work can be dangerous. Safety is paramount to our mutual success. At URS, we strive to create a culture of safety throughout all aspects of our company.

Our employees, customers, community, and families share a common bond and are entitled to a safe work environment at all times. We accomplish this through training from external and internal sources, safety policies and programs, documentation, and follow up.

URS regularly evaluates our safety protocols to ensure continuous improvement to our programs and procedures. To make sure that our core beliefs are communicated throughout our workforce, we conduct:

  • Weekly safety meetings at our main facility and job sites.
  • An annual “Safety Update Day” to review safety procedures with all employees, perform respirator fit testing, LOTO audits, fork truck certifications, hearing conservation testing, and safe driving audits.
  • Regular safety audits of cast shop and job sites to maintain a proactive approach to working in a safe manner at all times.
  • Safety training for any new hire prior to working on the shop floor or at a job site.
  • Specialized training from our partners as needed or when new situations arise.

URS utilizes partnerships with many agencies to stay up to date on safety information, policy development, and current regulations to keep our policies and procedures current. In addition, URS is registered with:

  • Purchasing Services Co., which provides verification and screening for one of the world’s largest aluminum companies.
  • BROWZ and Avetta, a third-party safety auditing companies that screen contractors for several large companies.