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cement kiln burner pipe reline

Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. was contracted recently to line a cement kiln burner pipe for a local customer. Although a large, detail oriented job, we were able to accomplish this task in 5 weeks from start to finish. Work for this pipe included welding anchors to the pipe, forming, and pouring in sections, and dry […]

Onsite demolition

One of the capabilities for Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. is the ability to do onsite demolition in a safe, fast, and efficient manner. Utilizing technology helps our employees stay safe while completing the demolition too. We were commissioned to replace the refractory lining in shuttle kiln cars. Using our one of our two Brokk demolition […]

Precast lintel

The precast shop at Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. recently completed a precast lintel project. Over the weekend, we took it out of our high temperature dryout. One of our customers needed a rushed project. To fulfill the order, we made the mold in house, cast the shape, and ran the piece through our high temperature […]

Car Bottom Shuttle Kiln

It was great to watch this go down the road! URS designed and manufactured this car bottom shuttle kiln for a ceramics manufacturer in Ohio. The finished furnace shipped out today. Pictured here is 1 of the 3 loads. We took this project from concept to installation, including structural steel, combustion system, controls, and refractory […]

Safety Day 2020

On Friday, January 10th, we held our annual safety day meeting. We spent the day training and refreshing on all of our safety programs, addressing issues and concerns both in our manufacturing shop and what we may encounter on a field installation. Safety is very important to URS as a company. Getting together for our […]

Crafting for a Cause

We had the opportunity to partner with one of our vendors, Plibrico Company, to complete Happy Craft Project Kits for the children and families receiving care at Shriners Hospital for Children. We took two days out of work and had volunteers come together to assemble the kits. It was a great team building opportunity for […]

Celebrating Together

On Friday, 12/6, we gathered to another great year. We shared a catered meal, pies baked by our VP, Diane, and enjoyed having our whole crew together! We can’t often get everyone in one place, but when we can it’s really a joy. We truly have a great group of employees. It was nice to […]

URS Family Picnic

In August, Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. held a family picnic at Seneca Lake State Park. We celebrated with families, gave school supplies to kids heading back to school, and reusable shopping bags to employees and their families. We enjoyed a great meal and desserts and played at the park and in the spray park! Upstate […]

Quality Work Matters

We have been experimenting with different forming techniques in our manufacturing shop lately. The difference in these two pieces is incredible! They were poured from the same batch of material, cast at the same time, just formed differently. We have been looking for the best techniques, experimenting with release materials, and procedures to produce the […]

Precast Refractory Shapes

We completed another round of precast refractory shapes that are ready to deliver to our customer.  This is a small percentage of the current order. We worked closely with our customer to optimize the design, draw the shapes, and form and manufacture them in house. The shapes went through our in house dryout ovens and […]