This is a stack bonded ceramic fiber lined door using Unifrax Durablanket ceramic fiber with 40% compression. The door will be coated with Unifrax Silplate Mass 1500 coating, which will be heat cured prior to delivery to the customer. Silplate Mass 1500 is a unique product that adds a great deal of durability to the lining by adding a hard coating that will resist slag penetration, as well as reduce shrinkage of the hot face blanket.

We have several customers who send their furnace doors to URS for a quality repair, including steel mills, aluminum plants, heat treaters and forge shops. We also perform all required steel repair or modifications required to return the structure to original condition. We would welcome the opportunity to look at your application, whether it is ceramic fiber, brick or castable refractory, we have the capability and experience that you can rely on.