Meet Our Team – Michael Jones

Michael Jones came to our sales team with many years of experience with refractory sales, refractory construction and connections in the industry. His knowledge of techniques and product range and capabilities has helped our sales team better address the needs of our customers. Michael grew up in the refractory industry and his hands on experience […]

URS Announces New Location in Lyons, NY

Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. is excited to announce our new location in Lyons! On Monday, April 12th, Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. officially opened our new facility located at 185 Geneva Street, Lyons, NY.  This 17,000-sf facility allows ample space for our construction equipment, tools, and materials.  The location is close to our headquarters in Newark […]

URS Warehouse Fly Through

We were having a little fun with a drone this week. Take a look at our drone footage of our Newark warehouse. This shows our stocked warehouse, with refractory blanket, bricks, firebricks, and materials – ready and in stock for your refractory needs. Be on the lookout for more drone fun, coming soon!

Training Looks a Little Different in 2020

We were able to get most of our staff together today! It’s rare this year to have everyone all in one place. Getting everyone together to go over information, do skills training, and safety updates is important to us. We are a small enough bunch that we could get together safely. We held our open […]

Large Precast Ladle Liner

Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. just completed a large precast ladle liner project. The piece weighs about 13,000 pounds. This liner was designed and poured in our Newark, NY facility. Collaboration from our engineering team, design team, consultation from the sales team, and work of the manufacturing crew made this project come together quickly and accurately. […]

Adding To Our Fleet!

We have a new truck in our fleet! Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. added a F-450 super crew to our construction fleet. We have the ability to transport more people in one vehicle, as well as the capacity for more tools and materials! We are excited about our new truck, it’ll be coming to a job […]

Employee Training 2020

Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. has always taken pride in getting together with our employees. This year more than ever, talking about safety is even more important, but we needed to make sure we trained in a safe way. We took a short slow down to gather as a group to review and update procedures as […]

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precast hearth tiles

Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. recently completed an order of precast hearth tiles. One of the unique aspects of Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. is that our cast house and construction crew are able to support each other to get jobs done quickly, efficiently, and in a cost effective manner. These hearth tiles were made in our […]