URS can make your company more productive through the use of pre-cast refractory shapes.

This service allows our customers to make repairs to high-wear areas of their furnaces quickly and easily. We also design entire furnace modular linings that can be installed in a fraction of the time as conventional methods, eliminating costly downtime.

Your pre-cast refractory requirements will arrive on time, packaged to prevent damage from handling and moisture, and ready to perform to your expectations.

Precast shapes include:

  • Troughs
  • Burner Blocks
  • Ladles
  • Large and Small Shapes
  • Forming
  • Burner Pipes

We use patterns made from wood, steel, plastic, rubber, fiberglass and foam to ensure the most cost-effective production. CAD drawings and CNC equipment ensure accuracy and tolerances required for your particular application. Our recently upgraded CNC Foam cutter offers accuracy of .001”. Dry-out furnaces are capable of achieving temperatures of up to 2000°F.

  • Materials are warehoused on-site for a seamless transition from design to production
  • Rapid prototyping means less downtime for a customer and allows us to identify process improvements with materials and design enhancements
  • High-fire furnace capability – up to 2000°F – reduces chance of explosion when heating large shapes
  • Quality Control and Documentation
    • In-house quality department
    • Documentation supplied with all products with a guarantee of the requirements and safety
    • Elaborate, accurate recordkeeping is built into the process to assure end-product reliability