Innovative engineering, an unwavering commitment to quality and design and
best-in-class products.

Whether it’s designing and installing a next-generation refractory system or updating or repairing your existing equipment, URS has the expertise, materials, technology, and – most importantly – experience to get you up and running with minimal cost and minimal downtime.

Upstate Refractory Services, Inc. was established in 2002 and has grown into a dynamic leader in refractory precast, refractory shapes, material sales, furnace-related components, custom industrial furnaces, and installation services. We’re a family-owned and operated company with an all hands approach to customer service and proven track record to exceed customer expectations.

Technology Driven.
Ahead of the Curve.

We continuously study industry trends in technology and processes to help serve our customers. We learn from suppliers and industry associations about productivity and process improvements and use this knowledge to enhance our own.

  • In-house engineering – Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor
  • An engineering staff for a streamlined process from design to manufacture – no need for multiple vendors and extra coordination time
  • 3D printing from CAD drawings and 3D scanning of existing molds to provide more accurate, faster production
  • In-house CNC capability to reduce turnaround times
  • Warehousing for materials – eliminates supply chain challenges

Specialized Equipment

  • Overhead cranes – 3 – 10 ton, 1 – 20 ton, 1 – 1 ton
  • Brokk demolition machines, 1 – 150, 1 – 250
  • 3 concrete pumps
  • Mixers ranging from 100-3300 lb capacity
  • 3 gunite machines
  • Conveyers for manufacturing and on-site
  • Foamfrax machine
  • Vibrating tables, internal and external vibrators
  • Dryout capabilities to 2000°F
  • Fleet of 25 vehicles, including cars, trucks and trailers
  • 9 fork lift trucks from 5000-9000 lb capacities
  • Large on-site warehouse