URS routinely makes repairs to furnace structures, doors, roof assemblies, and other replacement parts.

If your equipment can be transported to URS, our highly trained staff can send it back looking and performing like new, without the need for disruption of your production areas by work crews, dust, and other distractions. This is especially useful for foundry ladles, small melt furnaces, small forge furnaces, covers, launders, and furnace doors. Our capabilities include refractory installation, dry-out services, steel fabrication and repairs and logistics to pick up and deliver your piece of equipment on time and cost effectively.

For larger jobs, URS has equipment and skilled installers to perform onsite brickwork, casting, gunite, ceramic fiber, and even steel and combustion work.

Refractory Tear-out and Re-line

We can safely and quickly remove your lining and install a new lining to the original specifications, or redesign the furnace lining to improve the life, save energy, speed installation time, or provide accelerated dry-out.  This includes rapid heat-up technologies—precast shape systems that are dried off-line to save time and reduce installation time.

Brokk Equipment

Our Brokk machines only task is to reduce your plant shut down time, while maintaining safety for the workers involved. We use this equipment for our refractory repair and demolition applications that require highly-controlled precision. Our Brokk machines are the ideal tool for on-site safety from exposed areas and for the best possible view of the job at hand.